15 April 2012


15 April 2012
I have not been updating my blog for such a long time, ain't?
I was so busy doing for assignments and tests.
Feeling tough toward the subjects that i needed to study for this semester!
Especially Financial Accounting!!!
My God! My result for that subject is so terrible!
I had prepared for the test but still get the bad result!
going to be fainted @@
Why am i so stupid?
I am going to sit for my final exams for 3 weeks
and they are started on next week onward.
I'm thinking how to survive and get a minimum B- for it.
And of course for other subjects also.
God please bless me~
Hope everything will be okay after this semester.
And the most important thing is
no any pictures for this time><
but i promise next time should have a plenty of pictures
cause i will be going to perform dancing in this year again;))

11 November 2011


11 November 2011
Hello everybody!
I have promised you all that i will post my another dancing performance at here=)
Well, let's start!

DATE: 10/29/2011
TIME: 7.30PM-9.30PM
PLACE: Golden Horse Palace Hotel

Have you ever went there or stayed there before?
The atmosphere at there is very beautiful.
The price for you to stay in the hotel is quite reasonable.
I will never ever have a chance to stay at there because i am living at here, Malaysia! =p

Let's move on to this topic.
The purpose of this dancing performance is just selling dancing time.
They wanted to promote their studio and attract more people to join in and learn dancing.
Those performers including me, are their 'promoters' xD

Let those below picture express our various feelings and joys.
P/S: there are not many pictures i took>< But let's see some of it la=p

My sister, Amanda was standing outside the room.
And the performance will be organized in that room.

The beautiful stage

Little 'Michael Jackson'-s
*rehearsing for tomorrow performance*

The teacher is teaching ballerinas

One of the ballet ensembles

Amanda+Me+See Earn
While waiting for our turn to rehearse on the stage, let's take a picture with smile=)

Group photo on the stage!
The person who standing in the middle is our teacher =D

The above pictures are taken 1 day before the actual performance day.
And the below pictures are captured on the actual day.

We walked around in the Golden Palace hotel before we started our rehearsal for 2nd times.
Unfortunately, we were unable to walked and visited all the places including inside and outside
because we needed to ready for rehearsal already!=((

Those below pictures are...
we get ready for our performance!
and of course, while waiting for our turn to perform,
it was our taking picture time!=D
Amanda+Me+See Earn

Some of us in our group

Summer was going to perform belly dance.

Amanda with a little cute girl=)

Cute Bees~~~~~~~

See Earn plus Me

Yun Yi with little flowers girls

We were sitting in a room and waiting for our turn to perform.
We were getting nervous at that moment
except those little girls><

We finished for our 1st dance with Britney Spears's mixed song!
Let's prepare for our 2nd dance with That's All Jazz!

*qiang qiang qiang*

My sister and I

See Earn and me
We were trying to get a sexy pose but FAIL!!!><

We took a group photo again
after we finished the 2nd dance.

So, do you have interest to dance?
Come on! Don't be shy! Motivate your sport cells now!=p


My parents were willing to sacrifice their time and money
and just coming to watch our performance.

I know my friends were unable to manage their time to come and watch my performance especially YOU.
But your support gave me a very big courage.

26 October 2011


26 October 2011
What do you feel when you are alone regardless whenever you are?

Enjoy? Like? Hate? Emo?

Actually, I don't like to be alone.

But still... I'm alone in the computer lab!!!

and doing tutorial questions alone!

and writing alone!

and thinking alone!

and online-ing alone!=p

Yet, i like to be alone

when feeling sad,

when feeling emo,

when listening song,

when thinking important thing,

when missing someone......

So how about you?

like to be alone?

06 July 2011


06 July 2011
Wednesday, 22 June


I'm able to squeeze some time to blog~

quite busy recently @@

I had my business law test last week.

How was it?

I just can say

keep my eyes shut and mouth close

and wall bang

Are u able to infer my meaning?

Fine, that's over.

Let's change to the main topic of this post.


Venue : UTAR PJ

Date : 22 June 2011

Time : 6pm-8pm


I participated in the talent night for the performance

not for the competition.

What i performed on that night?

yah~ is dancing performance!

Let those below pictures show some of the parts

and express our various feelings on that day ;))

This is the stage.

The magician (wearing the white coat) won first place

He (wearing the black coat) was one of the judges on that day.
He was performing his magic too after the competition.
His magic was so amazing,
(as well as the competitor who showed his magic)

Well, who is my trainner?

Here is she! Jing Yee~
Let me show you guys who else participated in this dancing performance;)

*qiang qiang qiang*

four of us =p


Yes! No doubt!

My sister, Amanda was participated in it too.

How was the dressing?

Is it okay?

Some of my friends sad it is weird >0<''

But of course, we get compliments from others too. =)

The emcee was standing in the middle of us~


Thank you Suzanne for being our ''staff'' of behind-the-scenes

She done a lot of things for us
*appretiated* =))

No video is uploaded to here xp
This is my 1st time to perform dancing on the stage.
get the 1st experience from it ;))
Maybe i will be performing again in this year for other event.
Plz to be patient in waiting my another post ;D


Missing and missing you again

When do you coming back?

Waiting and waiting you again

When can i see you again?

Take care urself at there.

Remember don't eat too much! ;(